The Coffee Nebula is a little home away from home for fans of Star Trek Voyager. Especially the caffeine addicted ones. And the ones who like counting dead shuttlecraft.


The Coffee Nebula

Random Thoughts

I've had a bit of a reorganisation, hopefully as a prelude to doing some real work on the site soon. Pages have been rewritten to conform to the XHTML 1.0 specification.

Also, the Enterprise section has been removed, since it had become apparent that I was unlikely to create any new content for it. The main part of the site therefore reverts to being Voyager-specific. The discussion board will continue to welcome discussion of both series, all their predecessors, and any other sci-fi/cult show that takes people's fancy.

Although... darn. I was half hoping for the opportunity to turn this into a joint Voyager/Firefly site, and words can't describe how disappointed I am that the latter show didn't stay around to permit it.

Half a season is better than none. But it's not nearly as good as a whole season, or several, would have been. :-(