The Coffee Nebula Board is for the discussion of Star Trek: Voyager and other sci-fi/cult shows. Anyone is welcome to post, so long as they are polite and considerate to other users and keep to the topic, more or less! Please note that inappropriate and/or offensive posts may be deleted.


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Anyone's welcome, and there are very few rules. You are however asked that:

  • You respect the feelings and opinions of the other people posting on the board. You may feel that they are misguided in their belief that Neelix is the Delta Quadrant's leading sex-god - and you're certainly entitled to say so! - but politely, please.
  • While off-topic (i.e. non sci-fi/cult television) postings are fine, particularly in re-run weeks, try to keep them relevant and on potential common ground. Talk about books, films and other television shows is fine, but keep the sports, politics and religion chat in check. It has a nasty habit of turning into a flame war, because it's way too easy to tread on someone else's toes or beliefs or cultural differences without even realising you're doing it.
  • You refrain from posting spam, pyramid schemes, or unsolicited advertising.
  • Other than that, use your common sense... and enjoy yourself!

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