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Problems With The Board

The board has recently moved here from a different server, and has also undergone an upgrade to a new version of WebBBS. As a result of this, there may still be a few bugs in the system.

I'm working on updating the Help page for the new version of the board, but it's still fairly minimalist at present. I'll add to it as I get time. If you have problems, I'd advise reading what's there - and here - first. If that doesn't cover your situation, either ask a question on the board or email me and I'll try to help.

Board Status Email List

There used to be an email list to which you could subscribe for information about board downtimes. This no longer exists, as ListBot discontinued their free mailing list service last year. I could have moved it to Yahoogroups, but it was never widely used and the board availability is so much greater since we moved from VantageNet that it didn't really seem worth retaining. I hope that the current webserver it's running on - as a paid service - will prove to be more reliable still.