Voyager's primary objective was to get home. But along the way they got to catalogue a lot of strange new worlds never before known to Starfleet or the Federation.


A-Z Of The Voyager Galaxy

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Abaddon's Repository of Lost Treasures (Delta Quadrant)
A space junkyard of miscellaneous vessels from which Abaddon runs his merchant business. At the time that Voyager did business with him, it consisted of 62 intact ships and several hundred incomplete ones.
See Alice
Alpha Quadrant
[Alpha Quadrant Map] Most of the United Federation of Planets is located in the Alpha Quadrant, although a small part of it is in the Beta Quadrant. The Cardassian Union is also located here, as are Bajor and Deep Space Nine, presumably on the borders of Federation space, and the Klingon and Romulan empires in the Beta Quadrant border it. Much of the Alpha Quadrant still remains unexplored.
See Caretaker, Eye Of The Needle, Non Sequitur, Flashback, Future's End: 1, Future's End: 2, Message In A Bottle
Array, the (Delta Quadrant)
Space station near Ocampa. It was the residence of the Caretaker while he oversaw and protected the Ocampa after the near-destruction of their world, and was destroyed by USS Voyager to prevent it from falling into the hands of the Kazon-Ogla.
See Caretaker


Badlands, the (Alpha Quadrant)
A dangerous area of space near the Cardassian border, prone to frequent violent plasma storms. The Maquis used the storms to hide their ships from the Cardassians, safe in the knowledge that Cardassian warships were too large and unwieldy to navigate through the storms. A Maquis ship commanded by Chakotay vanished in the Badlands while evading Cardassian pursuit, and when it went to investigate the disappearance USS Voyager was caught in a similar displacement wave and also pulled into the Delta Quadrant.
See Caretaker
Bajor (Alpha Quadrant)
A class-M planet, located near the Cardassian border. Until recently under occupation by the Cardassians, Bajor is now rebuilding its civilisation with the assistance of the Federation.
Bajoran wormhole (Entrances in Alpha and Gamma Quadrants)
An artificially generated wormhole; the first and only stable wormhole known to be in existence. The two entrances to the wormhole are situated some 70,000 light years apart, and it is thus strategically important as a means of accessing a part of the Gamma Quadrant which would otherwise be beyond reach. The Alpha Quadrant end is in the Bajoran system, on the edge of the Denorios Belt. After its discovery in 2369, the space station Deep Space Nine was moved to its mouth in order to both protect it, and service the space traffic passing between the two quadrants.
Banea (Delta Quadrant)
See Ex Post Facto
Barzan wormhole (Entrances in Alpha and Gamma or Delta Quadrants)
A natural wormhole, originally believed to be stable. Exploration of it was abandoned when it was discovered that, while the Alpha Quadrant end was a relatively fixed point, the other terminus shifted randomly between various locations in the Gamma and Delta Quadrants. USS Voyager encountered it in 2373, but was unable to use it to return home. It is now believed to shift randomly at both ends.
See False Profits
Beta Quadrant
[Beta Quadrant Map] Part of the United Federation of Planets is located in the Beta Quadrant, but there has been only limited exploration of the quadrant, in part due to the fact that both the Klingon and Romulan Empires are also located there.
Borg space (Delta Quadrant)
Some 60,000 light years from Earth, the main Borg territory covers an area of at least 10,000 light years, although isolated cubes have been known to travel further afield.
See Unity, Scorpion: 1, Scorpion: 2, The Gift


Cardassia (Alpha Quadrant)
Also known as Cardassia Prime. Homeworld of the Cardassian Union, located near Bajor.


Deep Space Seven (Alpha Quadrant)
A space station along the edge of the Neutral Zone. Chakotay claimed to have caught a transport from there back to Earth while he was attempting to infiltrate Species 8472's simulation of Starfleet Headquarters.
See In The Flesh
Deep Space Nine (Alpha Quadrant)
A space station in the Bajoran system, administered by the Federation but under the jurisdiction of Bajor. It guards the Alpha Quadrant mouth of the wormhole to the Gamma Quadrant. It was originally built as a mining station by the Cardassians during their occupation of Bajor, when it was known as Terok Nor. USS Voyager set out from Deep Space Nine on its mission to locate Chakotay's missing Maquis ship.
See Caretaker
Delta Quadrant
[Delta Quadrant Map] The Borg were believed to originate from the Delta Quadrant; a theory which has now been proven by USS Voyager, which has been missing, believed destroyed since it was pulled into the quadrant by the Caretaker in 2371. It is also home to (among others) the Ocampa, the Talaxians, the Kazon, the Vidiians, and the Krenim.
Demilitarised Zone, the (Alpha Quadrant)
Region of space along the Federation-Cardassian border, created by a peace treaty in 2370 as a buffer zone between the two. As a result of the redrawing of borders in the treaty, some Federation planets became Cardassian territory, and vice versa, and many of the dispossessed Federation citizens banded together to form the Maquis.
Denorios Belt (Alpha Quadrant)
A highly charged plasma field, located between Bajor and Cardassia. The Bajoran wormhole is located either in or near the Denorios Belt, with Deep Space Nine guarding its entrance.
Devore space (Delta Quadrant)
The Devore Imperium control a substantial area of space - Voyager takes several weeks to cross it. The Devore have a deep and abiding mistrust of telepathic races such as the Brenari, believing that you cannot trust someone who can read your mind. They discourage visitors to their space, and have a disparaging term for outsiders: 'gaharay'. Those who do risk traversing their space are subject to frequent random inspections of their vessels to ensure that they are not smuggling telepaths out. If found to be the case, the telepaths and the offending crew are sent to a detention centre, and their vessel confiscated.
See Counterpoint


Earth (Alpha Quadrant)
Third planet in the Sol system, approximately 32,000 light years from Galactic Centre, on the border between the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. The administrative centres of both the Federation and Starfleet are located here, in San Francisco.
See Caretaker, Non Sequitur, Future's End: 1, Future's End: 2


Federation space (Alpha and Beta Quadrants)
The territory of the members of the United Federation of Planets covers an area of approximately 10,000 light years. Most of it is in the Alpha Quadrant, but a small part spills over into the Beta Quadrant. Federation territory is bordered by (among others) the Cardassian Union, the Klingon Empire and the Romulan Star Empire.
See Caretaker, Eye Of The Needle, Non Sequitur, Flashback, Future's End: 1, Future's End: 2, Message In A Bottle
Ferenginar (Alpha Quadrant)
The home planet of the two manipulative Ferengi, Arridor and Kol, who Voyager encountered on Takar while they were investigating the possibility of using the Barzan wormhole to get home.
See False Profits
Fluidic space
The home of Species 8472. It is a dimension outside our own galaxy.
See Scorpion: 1, Scorpion: 2, In The Flesh


Galaxy, the
[Galaxy Map] The Galaxy is approximately 100,000 light years in diameter, and is divided into four quadrants for mapping purposes: Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta.
Gamma Quadrant
[Gamma Quadrant Map] The Gamma Quadrant is home to the Dominion, which is the dominant force in the only part of the quadrant that Starfleet has been able to explore, courtesy of the Bajoran wormhole. Most of the quadrant remains unexplored and inaccessible.


Harry Kim wormhole (Entrances in Alpha and Delta Quadrants)
See Eye Of The Needle


Idran (Gamma Quadrant)
The closest star system to the Gamma Quadrant entrance of the Bajoran wormhole, approximately five light years away. It is a ternary system, consisting of twin O type stars. It was surveyed by the Quadros 1 probe of the Gamma Quadrant in the twenty-second century.


Jupiter Station (Alpha Quadrant)
A space station orbiting the planet Jupiter in the Sol system. Among its other functions it houses Starfleet's Holoprogramming Centre, where the EMH program and its successors were designed by Lewis Zimmerman. At one point he was assisted in his research there by Reginald Barclay. Tuvok was once stationed at Jupiter Station, and the EMH program visited it briefly in 2376 when he was beamed back to the Alpha Quadrant through the monthly comms datastream.
See Projections, Tuvix, Life Line


Kazon space (Delta Quadrant)
The territories of the various Kazon sects cover a significant area, probably at least 2,000 light years. Borders change frequently, as the Kazon are a warlike and territorial race of spacefaring scavengers. Sects include the Hobii, the Mostral, the Nistrim, the Ogla, the Oglamar, the Pommar and the Relora.
See Caretaker, State Of Flux, Initiations, Maneuvers, Alliances, Investigations, Basics: 1, Basics: 2
Klingon space (Beta Quadrant)
Located mostly in the Beta Quadrant, with an Alpha Quadrant border adjacent to the Federation.
Kolyan Kolyar (Delta Quadrant)
Located within Devore space, the "infinite spirals" give off a spectacular and very beautiful light show similar. Janeway compares it to the aurora borealis, in appearance if not in cause.
See Counterpoint


Lavotie V (Delta Quadrant)
According to the Doctor, the crew undertook a "perilous" mission here, although he may have been exaggerating. The planet is noted for the foetid mud pits of Palomar, into which Tom Paris was unfortunate enough to be pushed.
See Nothing Human


Malon (Delta Quadrant)
A world close to the edge of a vast expanse of starless space, known as the Void. It is a heavily industrialised society, producing more than six billion isotonnes of industrial by-product every day, which it disposes of by dumping it (among other places) in the nearby Void.
See Night, Extreme Risk

Milky Way Galaxy
See Galaxy, the
Monean Ocean (Delta Quadrant)
An ocean floating in space, held together by a containment field. Originally the waters contained in it were part of a planetary ecosystem, but for reasons which are unclear an advanced race launched a field reactor into orbit to power the containment, then used a kinetic transfer system to draw the water and everything in it up to the reactor. It is now inhabited by the Monean Maritime Sovereignty, a race of nomads who discovered it three hundred years ago and began farming its sea vegetation and extracting oxygen from the water for their ships. Despite having built an industrial infrastructure and undersea dwellings, they largely continue to live aboard those ships. Unfortunately, their mining operations and oxygen refineries have increased the density of the water to the point where the reactor has had to divert massive amounts of power from oceanic containment to maintain its own structural integrity field, to the point where unless they make radical environmental changes it is likely that the ocean's containment will collapse entirely within five years.
See Thirty Days


Neutral Zone (Beta Quadrant)
A region of space along the Federation-Romulan border, acting as a buffer zone between the two. It is approximately one light year wide. Entry into the zone by either side is considered to constitute an act of war.


Ocampa (Delta Quadrant)
Fifth planet in its system. As a result of an ecological disaster accidentally caused by the Caretaker's people, it has no nucleogenic particles in its atmosphere, and is an arid, desert place where water is a scarce and prized commodity. The natives of the planet, the Ocampa, live in a sealed underground settlement. It is in Kazon-Ogla space, and they have encampments on the surface.
See Caretaker


Particle Fountain (Delta Quadrant)
A small anomaly in the midst of an uninhabited area of largely empty space in spatial grid 867, the particle fountain is a rare but dangerous phenomenon. Janeway recalls that the Federation lost more than a dozen ships while investigating a similar one in the Alpha Quadrant.
See Alice


Q Continuum
Home of the Q. A dimension so radically different from our own universe that the Q allow those few humans who have visited it to perceive it in terms of places and concepts familiar to their own experience. Voyager crewmembers have visited the Continuum twice, on the first occasion finding it to resemble a lonely house on the road to nowhere, and on the second resemble an American civil war battle site.
See Death Wish, The Q And The Grey


Romulan space (Beta Quadrant)
Located mostly in the Beta Quadrant, the Romulan Star Empire's territory has a common border with the Federation, along which a one light year wide Neutral Zone has been established.
Romulus (Beta Quadrant)
See Eye Of The Needle


Sakari (Delta Quadrant)
An apparently deserted planet; its buildings in ruins. After their planet was assimilated by the Borg, the few survivors retreated underground and eked out a subterranean existence in the mines there, developing a chameleon like ability to blend in with the rock of their new environment. After detecting them accidentally while searching for gallicite, Voyager assisted them in cloaking their power conduits to avoid further discovery.
See Blood Fever


Takar (Delta Quadrant)
An M Class planet with a pre-industrial civilisation, close to one of the roving exit points of the Barzan wormhole. Two stranded Ferengi exploited the myths and legends contained within its epic poem The Song of The Sages, using advanced devices like replicators to perform what seemed like magic to a society with only primitive technology, thereby adopting the identities of the two sages of the poem in order to accumulate vast wealth at the expense of the planet's population. They were removed from power by Voyager, thus allowing the planet to control its own evolution and destiny once more. Main city is called Takar; other areas of note include Ga'nah Province.
See False Profits
Takara Sector (Beta or Delta Quadrant)
The Takara sector is a few parsecs outside the Alpha Quadrant, along the path of Voyager's route home. In an alternate timeline, a failed attempt to reach home using quantum slipstream technology led to the crippled Voyager crash landing on a Class L ice planet in this sector. There were no survivors. As the superheated hull of the vessel led it to melt its way under the ice of a glacier, it was fifteen years before the ship was finally located in its icy tomb.
See Timeless
Tehara System (Delta Quadrant)
The Tehara system is within Devore space, and is the occasional location of the entrance to a wormhole which briefly opens in this region of space from time to time. The Devore do not know how to predict its opening or location, which makes it useful to refugees fleeing their space.
See Counterpoint
Terrasphere Eight (Delta Quadrant)
One of a series of space stations scattered throughout the Delta Quadrant in which Species 8472 are conducting simulations of Starfleet Headquarters, prior to attempting to infiltrate Earth in response to the threat they fear the Federation poses to them. The habitats are powered by thermionic generators, and use a combination of holographic projection and particle synthesis to recreate key areas of the Starfleet installation in San Francisco. Areas reproduced include Starfleet Academy, the Federation Council, Astrophysics, the Starfleet medical complex, Logistical Support, Orbital Flight Control, the main quad, the officer's club called the Quantum Café, the Vulcan night club... but not, much to Janeway's disappointment, her favourite coffee shop on Market Street, the Night Owl.
See In The Flesh


United Federation of Planets (Alpha and Beta Quadrants)
See Federation Space


Vidiian space (Delta Quadrant)
The territory inhabited and travelled by the Vidiians covers at least 2,000 light years. It is likely that they have a common border with Kazon space.
See Phage, Faces, Lifesigns, Deadlock, Resolutions, Coda
Void, the (Delta Quadrant)
Vast region of space, spanning at least 2,500 light years, which is devoid of star systems. Heavy concentrations of theta radiation, dumped there by the Malon, interfere with sensors and prevent them from picking up star systems beyond the boundaries of the void. A spatial vortex used to exist, which provided a short cut from one side of the expanse to the other, but it was destroyed by Voyager as it passed through it in 2375 in order to protect the indigenous species of the void from further radiation poisoning at the hands of the Malon. The void dwellers have lived in the expanse for millions of years, and are extremely photosensitive; their eyesight being best suited to low or zero light levels. Their exact point of origin within the void has not been determined, but they would seem to be a spacefaring race.
See Night


Wolf 359 (Alpha Quadrant)
This star system, located some 7.8 light years from Earth, was the site of a devastating battle between Starfleet and the Borg in 2367. Starfleet lost 39 ships and approximately 11,000 crew died. Voyager has encountered several of those who were assimilated there, including Riley Frasier of the Roosevelt and Marika Wilkarah of the Excalibur.
See Unity, Infinite Regress, Survival Instinct