Season Three sees a shuttlecraft dismantled for spare parts, but otherwise it's a quiet year, with just an emergency beam-out from an astral eddy, and a handful of crashes to chronicle. Mind you, the Sacajawea's crash had a bit of a stutter...


Shuttlecraft Outings - Season Three

Basics: 2

  • Paris's shuttle gets better. Perhaps he and Tuvok should give Chakotay lessons in shuttle maintenance?


  • Tom Paris and B'Elanna Torres manage to trash a shuttle in the novelisation. Fortunately, that doesn't count.

The Chute

  • The only vessel to leave the shuttle bay is Neelix's ship, and though it gets fired upon by suspicious Akritirians it doesn't get hit.

The Swarm

  • The swarm board Tom Paris and B'Elanna Torres's shuttle. They seem more interesting in damaging the people than the property though, and since Voyager gets both crewmembers back we'll assume they retrieved the shuttle as well.

False Profits

  • After the Ferengi reconfigure their matter-antimatter generator to produce an ionic disruption field to discourage unexpected beam outs (and beam ins), Chakotay, Paris and Neelix go back down to the surface of Takar by shuttlecraft. After Chakotay and Paris shut down the dampening field in question - with a phaser - they all beam back up to the ship, but since Chakotay states that they have beamed the Ferengi's shuttle to Voyager's shuttlebay, it's probably not too much of a stretch to presume that they retrieved their own shuttle by the same means.

Future's End: 2

  • Chakotay apparently trained as a pilot in North America, so he knows all the best crash sites. A shuttle containing him and B'Elanna Torres crash lands in Arizona after the transport of an unwilling Henry Starling knocks out the aft thrusters. Fortunately Tuvok is to hand and he fixes it. Well, he starts repairs anyway. To be fair, B'Elanna lent a hand once the holodoc finished rescuing her. The shuttle survived well enough to lift off again and head back to California to give Tom Paris a ride home.


  • While under the control of Tieren's mind, Kes beams a shuttlecraft into space, beams herself and Tieren's two allies into it, and alters the shields around the shuttle to frustrate Voyager's attempts to get a tractor beam on it. She then manages to go to warp before Voyager can fire phasers to disable it. For an encore, she remodulates the plasma injectors to suppress the shuttle's warp signature. After its occupants beam down to the planet's surface, the abandoned (and undamaged) shuttlecraft is located in orbit of Ilaria.


  • Janeway and Neelix return to Voyager in a shuttlecraft after a three day trade mission with the Tak-Tak. No damage occurs, since unlike the Tak-Tak the shuttle can't be upset by Janeway putting her hands on her hips!
  • The Doctor takes refuge inside a shuttlecraft in the shuttle bay when he is attacked by the macrovirus. As the macrovirii don't attempt to do the same can opener number on the shuttle that one did on the turbolift earlier, we'll assume that they're stuck on the other side of the shuttle bay doors.

Fair Trade

  • Neelix borrows a shuttlecraft. Despite its being used for such illegal activities as drug smuggling whilst in his hands, he manages to return it without a scratch on it.


  • Shuttlecraft Sacajawea, containing Chakotay and Janeway, crashes on a planet they are surveying. Somewhat crumpled after the impact, it leaks dangerous levels of hydrazine gas, forcing them to get clear of it. It looks repairable however, and it was certainly possible to land other crew on the planet who could carry out those repairs.
  • Badly injured in the crash, Janeway has a series of alien assisted delusions in her near-death state, in which she sees the shuttle blow up a couple of times, then reproduce its original crash all over again.

Blood Fever

  • Ensign Vorik sabotages all of Voyager's shuttlecraft (as well as the transporters) before beaming down to the Sikari planet to attempt to claim B'Elanna Torres as his mate. Doubtless after the away team got back he pulled double shifts until he'd repaired whatever damage he did!

Unity [Destroyed]

Shuttles lost/destroyed to date: 4

  • Chakotay and Ensign Kaplan land a shuttle on a planet to investigate a distress call, and carelessly forget to put on the steering wheel lock or engage the intruder alarms. As a result, the less friendly inhabitants of the planet pull it apart.
  • To celebrate his second shuttle loss, later in the episode a possessed Chakotay stuns B'Elanna Torres in order to hijack another shuttle. Fortunately, after he abandons it to drift when he beams across to the Borg cube, Voyager manages to tractor the shuttle back on board.
  • It would seem that Voyager still has at least two shuttlecraft left: the one used by Chakotay and B'Elanna, plus the one Neelix used to take the same trip.


  • Make that at least three shuttlecraft remaining, since that number are sent out in search of Dr Vatim of the Nezu.
  • The one piloted by Tuvok and Neelix hits electrodynamic turbulence, loses main power, and has to crash land, destroying the warp and impulse engines in the process. The shuttle's hull looks intact though, so I'm sure it could have been repaired... once they'd put back all the bits Neelix cannibalised in order to fix the orbital tether, that is!

Before And After

  • The very pregnant future Kes talks her way into being allowed to go on a supply mission with husband Tom Paris. The Doctor's offline, and she obviously doesn't take much notice of Nurse Paris's medical opinion! Obviously, the inevitable happens, and she gives birth to daughter Linnis on the shuttle. It then returns from the mission without so much as a scorch mark across the bows, although at the time Voyager is undergoing a pounding at the hands of the Krenim.

Real Life

  • Shuttlecraft Cochrane, riding the particle wake of a collapsed astral eddy to collect energy to boost Voyager's reserves, gets caught in another eddy as it forms. Unable to break away, it ends up in the interfold layer between normal space and subspace. In order to get back to real space, Tom Paris hitches a ride back on the leading edge of a forming eddy... and is misguided enough to pick a really big one. He just gets a bump on the head and a mild concussion, but the shuttle's hull starts buckling under the pressure. Pilot and shuttle are beamed aboard Voyager in the nick of time, just before the hull breaches.

Worst Case Scenario

  • In Tuvok's simulation, Holo-Janeway and Holo-Paris take a shuttlecraft to meet with a friendly race, the Rukani, and the Maquis mutiny takes place just after they go to warp. Upon their return to the ship, a severely pissed off Holo-Janeway powers the phasers and attacks Voyager. Holo-Chakotay orders the real Tom Paris, gamely playing along in the simulation, to target the warp core and fire. Chalk up another dead shuttlecraft to Chakotay's account, even if both he and the shuttle are only holograms.