The crew take some time to settle in and get to know the ship and each other. Starfleet and Maquis have to learn to get along, Wardrobe have to learn to get their lieutenants' rank pips right, and everybody has to learn to love Neelix's cooking. Or at least tolerate it.


Season One




USS Voyager goes on a short mission to the Badlands in search of its missing Security Chief and the Maquis ship he was last seen on. After an unexpected 70,000 light year detour to the Delta Quadrant, it ends up heading home via the scenic route.




Voyager has a vacancy for a new Chief Engineer. Janeway has to choose between the Starfleet orthodoxy of Joe Carey, and the creative brilliance of B'Elanna Torres, whose idea of motivating personnel is to break their noses.


[Time And Again]


Time And Again
While investigating the cause of an explosion which wiped out an entire planet's population, Janeway and Paris are caught in a time fissure which gives them the decidedly unwelcome opportunity to observe that tragedy at first hand.




Neelix goes on his first away mission. He enthusiastically gives his all, but doesn't expect that to include donating his lungs to the Vidiians. Or being condemned to a life spent staring at the ceiling of Sickbay while the Doctor fires one assistant and recruits another.


[The Cloud]


The Cloud
In search of a source to power the ship and Janeway's coffee habit, Voyager inadvertently damages a nebula-like lifeform and has to effect emergency repairs. Meanwhile, the crew are beginning to discover a few ways and means to help them cope with the long journey ahead.


[Eye Of The Needle]


Eye Of The Needle
Harry Kim detects a wormhole leading back to the Alpha Quadrant. Sadly it's too small to take the ship through, but it does allow them to talk to a passing ship on the other side. The snag is, it's a Romulan ship.


[Ex Post Facto]


Ex Post Facto
Tom Paris flirts with a pretty woman who's not quite the lady he took her for. More kissed against than kissing, soon he's back in jail again, this time for a murder he doesn't remember committing. Fortunately, Inspector Tuvok is on the case.




An away team finds a graveyard to which bodies are mysteriously delivered by subspace vacuoles. When Harry Kim accidentally takes a reverse trip, he discovers that not only does he not know where in space he is but that death may be his only way back.


[Prime Factors]


Prime Factors
While the crew are enjoying the hospitality of the Sikarians, Harry Kim discovers that they possess technology that might allow Voyager to get at least halfway home in the blink of an eye. But the Sikarians have their own equivalent of the Prime Directive, and it applies to Voyager.


[State Of Flux]


State Of Flux
Somebody aboard Voyager has been talking to the Kazon and passing them Federation technology. Is it the passed-over-for-promotion engineer Joe Carey, or Chakotay's Bajoran former girlfriend Seska?


[Heroes And Demons]


Heroes And Demons
When Harry Kim disappears on the holodeck and a similar fate befalls the team sent to investigate, the Doctor is recruited for his first away mission: to appease the Norse gods and some seriously ticked off alien lifeforms.




After Tuvok and Chakotay's shuttle is attacked, the latter lies in Sickbay brain dead. But various members of the crew keep doing things without their knowledge, and it soon becomes clear that the shuttle brought back an extra passenger.




B'Elanna Torres awakes in a laboratory, to find herself a prisoner of the Vidiians. Her scientist host is impressed enough by her Klingon ancestry's phage fighting abilities, and he's kindly split her in two so that he can have a pure-bred examples of that race to experiment with.




An encounter with the creator of a devastating weapon that wiped out his family and the Talaxian moon they lived on causes Neelix to re-examine some past actions of his own that he's less than proud of.


[Learning Curve]


Learning Curve
When Tuvok raises concerns about the difficulties some of the Maquis are having in fitting in, Janeway appoints him to run a little school to bring their training up to speed. Meanwhile, the bioneural gel packs are running a fever...




The Doctor auto-activates to be faced with a dilemma about the nature of his existence. Is he the hologram he has always believed himself to be? Or is he a flesh and blood person, trapped in a holoprogram gone wrong?




Studying the behaviour of some space dwelling lifeforms, Voyager gets an unplanned close-up look at their mating behaviour. Meanwhile, Kes is more than a little alarmed when she hits puberty two years early.




Kes's second birthday celebrations in Sandrine's are interrupted by a shipboard emergency. As the ship is compressed by the surrounding spatial distortion wave, the crew finds that the corridors have turned into a maze where all paths lead back to the holodeck.


[The 37's]


The 37's
Finding a Ford pick-up floating in space is a little unexpected. It's even more of a shock when the truck's radio picks up an ancient SOS signal and they follow it back to Amelia Earhart's plane, which has been missing since 1937.