With the Kazon and the Vidiians nipping at their heels, spies in the ranks, grudge matches, and a psychopathic killer among the crew, it's not the crew's happiest year. Even if the bizarre aftereffects of the transwarp experiments are always good for a laugh.


Season Two




Chakotay goes off alone to partake in a solitary ritual of remembrance for his father, only to find himself caught up in another kind of ritual entirely... the rite of passage for a young Kazon warrior.


[Non Sequitur]


Non Sequitur
Harry Kim wakes up in San Francisco, together with the woman he loves. The only trouble is, his last conscious memory was of being on a shuttlecraft 70,000 light years away. And while he's trying to second guess his way through what he's supposed to have been doing for the past year, everyone starts to think he's gone crazy.




Tom Paris awakens to the realisation that he's in love with Kes. Neelix, who's been expecting this for some time, is quick to recognise it and a brawl ensues. Interrupted by the captain sending them on a mission, the two have to put their resentments aside in order to survive after crashing on a hostile planet.


[Persistence Of Vision]


Persistence Of Vision
When Kathryn Janeway starts seeing people and objects from her romance holoprogram outside the holodeck, she becomes concerned. And that's even before the homicidal housekeeper attacks her with a pair of scissors. Soon she finds that she's not the only member of the crew experiencing hallucinations.




Knocked unconscious by a falling tree, Chakotay has to be left behind when a violent storm chases the rest of his away team off planet. While the crew search in vain for him and the shuttlecraft, both of which have vanished from sensors, he has an encounter with the descendants of a race his people called the Sky Spirits, who visited Earth millenia ago.


[Cold Fire]


Cold Fire
When the Caretaker's remains begin to resonate, Voyager is led to an encounter with his former mate and the community of Ocampa under her care. These Ocampa live far longer than Kes's people, and have full command of their mental powers. And they want Kes to join them.




When Seska, having trained the Kazon in better engineering and sneakier battle tactics, assists them in pulling off a daring heist, Chakotay is convinced that she is doing it primarily to get back at him. Guilt ridden, he borrows a shuttlecraft without permission and goes after the stolen technology in order to retrieve or destroy it.




While on a mission to obtain supplies on a very paranoid planet, Voyager's away team are spotted and only Neelix gets away unscathed. Tuvok and Torres are put into a fortress prison, while Janeway is rescued by an addled old man who believes her to be his resistance-fighter daughter. With no one else to turn to, she must play on his confusion to comfort him and rescue her crew.




When a damaged and disabled android is discovered floating in space, Torres is successful in re-activating it. Impressed by her skills, it petitions her to make more of its kind. When Torres accepts Janeway's ruling that this would contravene the Prime Directive, she is captured and ordered to build an army of new androids. If she refuses again, Voyager will be destroyed.




Persuaded that an alliance might be advisable, in order to protect Voyager from constant attack, Janeway encounters the Trabe who seem eager to deal. Unfortunately her new allies have a hidden agenda: having been expelled from their home planet by their former Kazon slaves, they intend to use the peace talks to assassinate the leaders of all the Kazon sects.




Taking advantage of a form of dilithium that is stable at high warp, a Voyager team attempts to crack the warp 10 barrier in an adapted shuttlecraft. The first test flight by Tom Paris appears to be successful, but then he collapses in the Mess Hall, apparently dies, then starts evolving into something distinctly non humanoid.




When a crewman is found murdered, all evidence leads back to Lon Suder, who promptly confesses his guilt. Unable to comprehend why anyone would commit a crime without real motive, Tuvok initiates a mind meld with his prisoner. It gives Suder a glimpse of discipline and order... but with his mind infected by Suder's violent tendencies, Tuvok is in danger of losing control.




Voyager encounters another victim of the Caretaker's displacement wave: a Cardassian bomb which, having been intercepted by the Maquis, was reprogrammed by B'Elanna Torres and pointed back at a Cardassian target which it never reached. Unfortunately it's still ticking, and its damaged computer systems have identified a nearby inhabited system as a match for its original target.


[Death Wish]


Death Wish
Voyager accidentally frees a Q from the comet prison he was placed in to prevent him from doing harm to either himself or the Continuum. When Q appears, demanding him, he asks Janeway for asylum. She must decide whether or not to grant it to him, in the certain knowledge that if she does, he intends to use that freedom for the sole purpose of committing suicide.




To save a gravely ill Vidiian, the Doctor temporarily moves her consciousness into a holographic replica of her pre-phage self. While he repairs her ravaged real body. Danara Pel revels in its temporary replacement, and considers death as preferable to a return to her own. The Doctor, who has developed romantic feelings towards her, must try to convince her to choose to live.




Acting upon Harry Kim's suggestion that he add a little investigative journalism to his news programme, A Briefing With Neelix, the ship's morale officer stumbles across some alarming evidence which suggests there may be a traitor in their midst.




Attempting to hide from a Vidiian fleet, Voyager enters a spatial rift and encounters a phenomenon where a second Voyager is created, in the same place but a parallel continuum. As the two ships become aware of each other's existence and that they are competing for the same supply of antimatter, it becomes apparent that one ship must sacrifice itself so that the other may survive.




After a shuttlecraft crash kills his copilot and leaves him stranded, Tuvok encounters a small group of what appear to be children. As he waits for rescue by Voyager he acts as their protector and comforter as, one by one, they disappear.


[The Thaw]


The Thaw
While attempting to revive the survivors of a planet's ice age from suspended animation, Torres and Kim become trapped in the virtual reality program which has kept these people's minds active throughout their long sleep. The program itself has achieved a degree of sentience, and to prevent the termination of its own existence it refuses to let any of its captive minds go.




As a result of a transporter accident, Tuvok and Neelix are merged into a single being. While the Doctor labours to find a way to separate them once more, Tuvix discovers a blending of the good qualities of each that enables him to become a valuable member of the crew in his own right.




When the captain and first officer fall victim to a virus that will prove fatal if they leave its source, Voyager is forced to leave them behind. As Janeway fights their destiny and Chakotay makes the best of it, they both come to a better understanding of each other.


[Basics: 1]


Basics: 1
Seska sends a birth announcement. Suder raises an orchid. And the Voyager crew fly knowingly into a trap, because the bait is Chakotay's former lover's child. All they can do is hope that they're sneakier than the Kazon.