Season Two sees Neelix having a major success in the kitchen, when he manages to come up with a number of substitute coffees that get the crew's approval. Of course, one of them does cause Tom Paris to mutate...


Food Fixations - Season Two

Non Sequitur

  • Libby offers Harry Kim eggs for breakfast.
  • According to Cosimo, Harry comes to his coffee shop most days to get his fix of Vulcan mocha, extra sweet. Even stranded in an alternate timeline Voyager crewmembers obsess about coffee!
  • Whatever the down and out and slightly sozzled alternate Tom Paris was drinking in the real Chez Sandrine, it's pretty certain it wasn't synthehol!


  • B'Elanna Torres hits the coffee to recharge her mental batteries when stumped about how to reactivate the robot. Neelix refuses her another pot of Landras blend. She's already had two, and finds that they're starting to taste almost palatable.
  • As a substitute, Neelix offers to pour her a glass of Traggle nectar.
  • He also, despite the fact that it's a little early for breakfast, offers to fix her his special Jibalian seven spice omelette... and tells her a little tale about how he perfected the recipe. He tried a little more spikt basil, a little less prishic, but nothing worked until he realised that he was only using six spices and needed another one. B'Elanna guesses leola root, but it's actually Nimian sea salt.
  • After B'Elanna's safe return to Voyager, she and Janeway share a pot of Landras blend coffee, with the compliments of the chef.


  • Neelix offers coffee to the team of Tom Paris, B'Elanna Torres and Harry Kim when they're stumped for inspiration on how to fix the problems they're having with nacelle stresses in their attempts to break the warp ten barrier. And then he invites himself on to the Engineering team. Maybe the coffee helps, because they manage to solve their problem.
  • B'Elanna Torres wants a snack. Neelix tells her that there are some Kalavian biscuits somewhere in his kitchen, and she goes off on a foraging expedition for them.
  • Neelix invents a new blend of coffee, called Paris Delight, in honour of Tom's record-breaking warp ten flight. Sadly, however, the person after whom it's named doesn't appreciate its flavour, and is heard to wish that Neelix could name something after him that tasted a little better. And that's even before he collapses on the floor, and has to be taken to Sickbay.
  • The Doctor observes that Paris is having an allergic reaction to something. Neelix's coffee is fingered as the likely culprit, but it turns out that it's actually the water in the coffee that's the trouble.
  • Apparently dying as a result to the transwarp induced mutations occuring in his body, Paris has a serious craving for a pepperoni pizza with Kaferian olives. It seems unlikely that by that point he's capable of eating anything though, since this is some time after he's pulled his tongue out.


  • Apparently Trellian crepes are Kes's favourite dish, and Neelix always makes them for her on Wednesdays. Confirming the generally held opinion that Neelix is overenthusiastic with the spices, Tuvix himself comments upon it and uses a more moderate seasoning in order to allow the flavour of the mushrooms to come through.
  • In the madhouse that is the galley of the mess hall without Neelix in charge, there are definitely too many cooks, all of them trying to cook simultaneously. Swinn's eggs get burned.
  • Late at night, Janeway is found drinking hot tea. I guess that even she can't drink coffee all the time...